The study alone already means a lot of new experiences to collect. If you also want to scrounge international air, you should consider a study abroad! But what opportunities are there to study abroad? Which countries are the most popular destinations, who finances my study abroad, which scholarships are there and how is the preparation going? Are you looking for a study place abroad? On this page, we introduce you to programs by experienced agencies for the most popular destination countries for a semester abroad or entire study programs in another country. It may well be that the right offer is also there for you. You need to know what country has the best education.

Study abroad compact

Give your resume a bit of internationality studying abroad? In any case, says the study counselor team, because: whether a semester abroad or a complete study in another country experience abroad is becoming increasingly important in terms of career and career. You will also make important life experiences, make international contacts, and maybe even learn a new language.

You would like to study abroad or your studies allow you to spend a semester abroad? Then you should take care of a foreign health insurance in good time. Most universities even require proof of insurance coverage. Once you know which country you want to study in, you can start preparing. Studying abroad for one semester meanwhile, it is already common practice in most degree programs to study abroad for a while and make an internationally recognized academic degree there. But not all of them can or want to stay abroad for several years, even if the experiences associated with them are almost exclusively of a positive nature.

Summer sessions

While many students would like to stay abroad during their studies, many of them simply do not have the time or the opportunity for whatever reason. There are forms of study, such as the Summer Sessions or Summer University called, downright, because you can ideally complete even during the semester break.

Germany is considered one of the most popular study countries in the world. Around 300,000 foreign students can be counted at German universities. This is made possible by study and scholarship programs such as “STIBET”, which receives EUR 7.5 million from the Federal Foreign Office every year. Germany has a scientific, foreign policy and, not least, economic interest in a liberal study policy.

Best Country and the Best Education Option

Pimp your curriculum vitae with a study abroad In addition to an extensive database of study places abroad on all continents, we would like to introduce you to individual destinations for a possible study abroad: be it the USA, New Zealand, Australia, England or Holland, we are constantly working on it.

Conclusion: Studying Abroad: Database Search

In order to make you more familiar with your dream of studying abroad, experts have compiled a wealth of information from popular study destinations for you.The choice is yours, you can study in the USA Studying in Canada Studying in Australia Studying in New Zealand Studying in Holland Studying in England Studying in Spain Studying in the Czech Republic. The Erasmus program gives you the opportunity to study abroad. Who does not want that? But often the application for study places abroad is very idle. Below you will find information on how to experience a study year with EF. So you not only improve your language skills, but also gain a lot of life experience.