It’s official, makeup brush kits have definitely made their comeback in your vanities, at the same time you learned new makeup techniques. Synthetic brushes, natural hair brushes, set of 4 brushes or ultra-complete kit: there is plenty of choice and it is often an investment. Finish the finger application and foam tips provided in your pallets of urban decay game of thrones. Whether you are a beginner or professional contouring, stroking or other makeup techniques, it is almost essential to be equipped. For the practical side: finished the finger, it is efficient and sometimes transportable. Instead of buying them one by one without ever knowing what they really serve.

Tips on choosing your brush kit

The kit brings together the essential brushes for your vanity. Yes, there is a difference between a fluffy brush, an eyelid brush and a stump brush. Thus adorned, you knew makeup techniques to try new looks. You adopt the small set with four essential brushes, if you do not wear a lot of makeup. For a professional make up or to follow the new trends, you head to the set more than full of 12 brushes for more freedom and fun. You learn to distinguish brushes and their respective uses.

For a practical and transportable make-up, there is a case gathering the 4 essential brushes with the possibility of taking them everywhere with you. For those who do not want synthetic brushes, there are brush kits made from natural materials. In real professional, there are sets of professional quality brushes for optimal makeup. You have a passion for makeup but little budget.

What are the different types of brush sets?

There are of course very complete kits at low prices. In its girly ultra-compact case, this assortment of 4 brushes for eye makeup brings together the essentials. It is composed of a wide eyelid brush, a fine eyelid brush, a stain brush and a beveled eyeliner brush. At home or on weekends, this kit is going anywhere. With this kit of 5 brushes for bamboo eyes and synthetic hairs in Taklon, find the quality of traditional brushes but in mini format, and easy to carry in the kit provided, natural hemp. We appreciate their eco-friendly clothing.

The Smart Solutions for the Game Of Thrones Make Up

This set of 4 brushes for the complexion is made of synthetic hairs of Taklon. Professional packaging is for effective daily use, to apply concealer, foundation, powder and blush. You can easily use practical and original brushes, because you can put them upright and do not mix the brushes. Adored YouTube uses other stars of the web.


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